Rebecca Eldridge

Meditation Sessions via Skype™ Video Call

Having a teacher can help when you're practicing meditation. Now you can receive that help without leaving your home. Skype™ video call sessions are available to those who have completed either the 8-week MBSR course, the Introduction to Mindfulness course, or a comparable training in mindfulness meditation.

These sessions can help you to—
1) maintain or reestablish your practice of mindfulness meditation
2) explore mindfulness post meditation (in your daily life)
3) practice kindness toward yourself and others
4) stay connected, encouraged, and motivated
5) be heard by someone who cares about you, your practice, and your life

Cost of sessions
Each session lasts for 40 minutes. Cost is $50, payable by credit card or PayPal.

How it works
1. Use the contact form below to request an appointment.
2. Read the confirmation email sent to you in response to your request.
3. Add me as a Skype contact (my Skype™ info will be in the email).
4. Pay for your session prior to the session (the link to the payment page will be in the email).
5. Video call me through Skype™ at the time of your appointment.

Request an appointment
Fill in all fields and click the "Submit Form" button. Fields marked in red are required. You will receive a response via email, likely within 24 hours.
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