Rebecca Eldridge

Mindfulness Workshops: for groups who want to experience first-hand the peace and well-being of a mindfulness practice (this offering is usually for half-day, whole day, or weekend events).

Speaking Engagements: for interest groups, such as seniors, women in the workplace, health professionals, business organizations, caretakers, and so on.

Guided Mindfulness for Stress Management: for corporate organizations that want to help employees manage stress, improve productivity, and enhance creativity by having regular onsite guided sessions (these can be scheduled to take place during part of a lunch hour or at other times).

Mindfulness Training: for service providers, caretakers, and others who serve in giving fields.

Fees based on service provided, number of participants, organizational need, and so on. Contact Rebecca at 757-285-9552, or write to discuss your particular request.
Mindfulness: the state of settled mind and body; a practice of living in the moment as it is, without judgment; a mind-body process for cultivating gentle self-awareness that can lead to more peace and less physical and emotional pain.