Rebecca Eldridge

Mindfulness: the state of settled mind and body; a practice of living in the moment as it is, without judgment; a mind-body process for cultivating gentle self-awareness that can lead to more peace and less physical and emotional pain.
Mark your calendar for the following events:

Caring Retreat for Women, April 29-May 1, 2016: A weekend to live inside your body and your heart, meditate, dance a little, listen a lot, and more. Periods of silence will be observed throughout the weekend, as well as times of entering dialogue and deep listening with one another. No meditation experience necessary. If you’re willing to show up for yourself and other women, you’re welcome. Limited to 30 participants.

Simply Be: Meditation Retreat, November 10-13, 2016: Time to meditate and rest at a Blue Ridge Mountain retreat center. Meditation sessions offered throughout the retreat, with a fireside meditation Saturday night. Yoga each morning. Noble silence will be practiced much of the retreat. All adults interested in a time and space to slow down and simply be are welcome. No meditation experience necessary. All adults interested in a time and space to slow down and simply be are welcome. Limited to 30 participants.

Lojong Practice: Four Fridays of exploring the practice of lojong.

Summer Sitting 2016: An offering to reduce stress and suffering in Hampton Roads. An hour of sitting meditation every Sunday in July (in Norfolk) and two Sundays in August (in Hampton).

Challenging Emotions: A workshop on using mindfulness for working with challenging emotions; an offering to work with what scares and challenges us.