Rebecca Eldridge

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Rebecca Eldridge is one of a limited number of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teachers worldwide to receive full teacher certification through the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has taught mindfulness to cancer survivors, people in chronic pain, medical and mental health professionals, lay ministers, and monastics, and is a founding board member of the Integrative Medicine Community of Coastal Virginia (IMCCV). Her own meditation practice is guided by her teacher, Pema Chödrön, and she has been featured giving meditation instruction in two online courses taught by Pema Chödrön: Making Friends with Yourself and How to Live with Compassion and Courage. Before beginning her work in mindfulness, she taught literature and creative writing and worked as an information developer in the tech field.
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MBSR teacher certification is available to people who have demonstrated a deep commitment to this work over a period of years. They must have completed all of the training requirements…These requirements include not only training courses but also a great deal of teaching experience and a depth of practice in mindfulness meditation.
Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical School